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Denise Reagan performs under the pseudonym, Euferzine. She is a Nashville based independent singer-songwriter who grew up on the Tennessee/Kentucky border in the small town of Jamestown, Tennessee. It is west of Rugby, south of Pall Mall and southwest of the Big South Fork. Those tiny places you have never heard of have historic significance. Her ancestors were some of the earliest pioneers in the Upper Cumberland area.

Euferzine music is tied to that Cumberland Plateau area. Her musical style incorporates Americana, Folk and Old Time Country music. It harkens back to a forgotten time when life was simpler, but not easier.

Her newest project was produced by acclaimed Nashville session musicians Jeff Taylor, of the Time Jumpers, and John Mock, previously of The Dixie Chicks. It is a concept record that reaches across musical genres and is titled “Where Did the Time Go.”

A previous music project, “Excuse Me, But I Have Something to Say,” was released in 2012. Go to Spotify to hear her music or visit her website for background information. www.euferzine.com