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Orphan No More is so excited to release the debut album by Esther Moore “All Shall Be Well”.

Below, Esther Moore tells us what the album means to her, in her own words…

This album has been a journey for the last six years through joys, heartaches, adventures, a few storms, and an awakening of hope. The songs were influenced by and written across places spanning from New Zealand to India, Bali to Malaysia, and from the US to Bath, UK (where I’ve lived for five years), and my heart home of Jerusalem Israel (where I’ve lived most of my life).

It’s been a journey of learning what it is to not just survive but to become alive, of finding who I am and finding joy and hope in the midst of the storm. All Shall Be Well has been a theme that has pulled me through the last two years. I wrote the title track when I wasn’t going through a hard time; since then, though, it’s been a refrain that has given me strength to carry on through one storm after another. Navigating through waves that seemed too big to handle and seemed like they would engulf at any moment, I would hold on to these words and find hope in knowing that all shall be well.’

‘All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.’ Julian of Norwich