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I wasn’t in the toddler classroom for long before I began to notice themes in toddler behavior as well as areas in which growth was needed. Repeating the same phrases over and over, I found myself wishing there was a better way to ingrain these basic necessities of human function and interpersonal relationship. Eventually I began to sing the phrases (and variations on those phrases), making up little songs to help the toddlers remember the guidelines in a fun way. Most of the songs on this album were written while the toddlers and I were enjoying their early afternoon nap.

The growth areas that are covered in this album are as follows:

1 – The Cleaning Song: personal responsibility for actions

2 – The Germ Song: reasons for the practice of good hygiene

3 – The Please Song: social effect of polite speech

4 – The Lunch Song: encouragement to try new foods

5 – The Potty Song: instruction on proper potty technique

6 – The Play Song: making the most of day school time

7 – The Love Song: how to love in action as well as word

8 – The Body Song: respect for your body and the bodies of others

This album is intended for use both in the classroom and at home. Repeated play in the classroom at a clearly audible volume level can assist the toddlers with internalizing the concepts and values addressed in the songs. It also can assist with English language development by consistently modeling English grammatical structures within familiar frames. Play of the album at home can keep the values of the school environment consistent with those of the home environment, strengthening and maintaining growth beyond the classroom structure.

The last half of the album contains the instrumental versions of all the songs. This can be used by teachers or parents who are comfortable leading their toddlers in the songs on their own. Toddlers who know all the words to the songs may enjoy singing by themselves with the music. The instrumentals are also useful for dance-play or as non-intrusive background music for playtime.

Thank you, my toddler friends, for your inspiration and the opportunity to watch you grow into amazing little people.