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I started writing worship music out of my personal times of worship at home. Each of these songs were written in extremely different seasons of my life. Beautiful Jesus was written two years ago, from an overflow of gratitude for God's goodness to me and a heart cry that in Him I find everything I could ever want or need. I Will Be Satisfied was written in the last six months, during one of the hardest seasons of my life; I'm still walking through this season, but it's been a time of learning to trust and lean into the Father, to ask for His help to believe in His unchanging character and promises when everything in my life is telling me to doubt Him. I believe these songs can resonate with anyone no matter what they may be currently walking through in their life.

I recorded this in my living room, hence the name. I also recorded each vocal in one take, in order to best capture the beauty and imperfection of one specific moment of worship. These songs are purposefully imperfect.