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The Narrow Sea was inspired by one of the greatest hymn writers of all time, Fanny Crosby. The cooks at Pine Cove Christian Camps in East Texas had the lyrics of the hymn “I Am Thine, O Lord” posted on the wall of the kitchen. Erik Nieder saw these words every day during his time leading worship there.

The final verse of this hymn says “There are depths of love that I cannot know till I cross the narrow sea; There are heights of joy that I may not reach till I rest in peace with Thee.”

Erik’s grandmother passed away in 2015 and when the family gathered to celebrate her life, it was revealed that this was her favorite hymn. These words were already written on his heart from his time at Pine Cove Christian Camps.

The Narrow Sea is a collection of songs that speak to the journey we are all on in this life as followers of Jesus. It also points to our final resting place where we truly come alive when we’ve crossed into eternity.