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Hi I’m Max, the creator of "ERGO"(Alternative/Post-Punk/Industrial), "Waterbuck"(Leftfield) and “The Faces Of Evil”(Rave), I’m also a transgender FTM from Chile. I’ve been uploading my compositions since 2010 (but playing and learning music since 2003), I don’t have a professional career besides music so in order to cover my expenses I rely on hard work and freelancing from time to time, Sushi is fun to do and my other jobs are kind of entertaining too, but they take hours and hours of my daily life (my current job demands 14h of me just to cover myself, I’m unable to save money). Still, I’ve managed to accumulate nearly eight hours of unreleased compositions, sadly I have no way to properly record this material, mostly because I no longer have a recording home studio, I sold everything when I had my top surgery just to afford the time where I wasn’t able to move (that by the way was extended by morganella morganii).My objectives here with this Noisetrade is to gather your help and reconstruct my home studio, have more time to record and make more music, with time I also plan to make free videos to teach what I know (and learn what I don’t know) about music and life as a transgender person.