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Emily is a singer-songwriter, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, who recently transplanted herself to Nashville, TN. She has been making music for as long as she can remember, intent on infusing passion and soul along with deeper spiritual elements into her songs. In the pairing of instrument and voice, Emily is influenced by the raw vocals of artists like Joni Mitchell, the playful pop of Ingrid Michaelson, and the soulful sounds found in church music. At age 22, Emily dove into her first experience recording in studio and produced the album Came Alive. Today Emily's sound has developed beyond the simplicity of her early years. In April 2013 she released her most ambitious project to date: Zeal & Passion. A sampling of songs from both albums are available for free here and here only.

If you like what you hear, share her sound with others and spread the news. And if you have a few extra buckaroos, Emily would be honored if you'd leave some behind. Any donations/tips given will go directly toward the making of new music!