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Few singers, these days, resonate with that old kind of earnestness like Kevin Embleton. It’s a passion and a yearning buried deep in the dusty vinyl collections of your parent’s neglected basement. Embleton reaches back to the melodies of classic American pop and weaves them into dynamic and arresting songs; think Brandon Flowers meets the Tallest Man on Earth. Backed by the Americana swagger a hometown collective, Embleton’s music breathes like a west coast wind.

In search of answers to life’s little mysteries, Embleton draws upon the narratives of those around him: the passing stranger, the childhood friend. He fills his songs with details and familiar emotions that help us connect, but leaves a vast amount of space for the gray areas that live in each story. He gives us room to find our own answers, or ask our own questions. Though not always the main character in his songs, his unyielding pursuit, his drive to figure it out, pervades each wandering prodigal he sings about.

Embleton released their first LP, an Americana-infused collection of porch swing rock tunes, titled It Did Me Well in March, 2015. The album was mostly recorded live, in an old living room in the heart of Canton, Ohio. Embleton, the name, is no longer a singular soul. It’s taken on a new persona: that of a handful of drifters, tossed about, the feedback of their guitars echoing through the Rust Belt.

Embleton's debut record, "It Did Me Well" is available on iTunes, and Amazon. For physical copies, visit our Store.