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To know El Toro is to love El Toro–soaring harmonies, raunchy guitar, and 70s swagger. Behind the card hides Cody Smith; songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and human anachronism–not quite at home in this millennium nor the last. 2013's eponymous release on the Little Champion imprint is a collection of songs written between 2009 and 2012 and recorded in the fall of 2012 between Cookeville, TN, and Houston, TX. With tracks mixed by Cody and Phil Bova (Zeus, Feist, Bahamas) and mastering done by Bova at his studio in Ottawa, there's an obvious air of 70s worship throughout. That said, even with nods to George Harrison and Alex Chilton, at no point is the songwriting dated. God, girls, life and death–elemental and relevant at their core, the album revolves around a central theme of trying to figure out just what's going on. With a few spins, maybe you'll figure it out for yourself. This free sampler features the first five tracks from the album. If you like it, leave a tip, go get that album on iTunes, Amazon, or order a physical copy at the El Toro store at Thanks, and enjoy!