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Nashville foursome Elliot Root are preparing to release their debut album “Conjure” on August 25th. In advance of the album, the band have put together the “Suddenly Everything - EP” — a collection of new & road-worn songs spanning Elliot Root’s two-year existence - to give fans a taste of what’s ahead, and a brief reminder of what’s already come. To make things better, only in this Noisetrade exclusive can you get an early listen/download of the track, "Like The Sun".

The common thread weaving through all songs in the band’s catalog can be whittled down to one word — honesty. On writing the new album, vocalist Scott Krueger says, “We allowed ourselves the freedom to try anything that felt natural, and not really direct it toward one certain vibe or theme.” The resulting “10,000” is an atmospheric song contrasting bright piano with soaring vocals, while “Wicked Lies” envelopes a distinctive R&B flavor with a soulful alt rock twist.