From Eli Schwebel

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"Schwebel shows off his vocal dexterity, seamlessly traversing from a booming knock-down-the-house power to an angelic softness" - Alan Zeitlin, NY Blueprint

"I've seen the future of Jewish music and it's Eli Schwebel" - Larry Gordon, Chief Editor, 5 Towns Jewish Times

"Eli is the compass and north star leading the developing musical journey fusing the sounds of today with for flavors of yesterday" - Yossi Green, Internationally acclaimed Composer

"Eli Schwebel is a rare talent indeed. His songs have the ability to capture your heart and imagination immediately. With open arms he reaches out and brings you into his world with his soulful and powerful vocals." - Bentzi Marcus, 8th Day

"Eli is one artist I would consider seeing from a front row seat. ...he's an unstoppable talent...Eli might be Jewish but his talent is universal" - Lipa Schmeltzer, recording artist and performer