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These two EP's, bundled here as one handy download, represent the first public released efforts as a solo artist for Eli Larch Chastain. Recorded in various locations, from basements to bedrooms to high-end studios all over Indiana during 2008 and 2009, these now sit as a starting point to the music Eli continues to create. These songs were co-produced by elc and Wesley Deboy, and Wesley recorded everything. Eli played all the guitar, and most of the bass and sang a lot. Joshua Sales played every single drum, provided most percussion, sang occasional backing vocals and played piano in select spots. Emily Ann Richardson provided cello and also played piano in various songs. Abigail Stover provided all pretty backing vocals except "Circles", whose backing vocals were provided by Holly Marie Bloomquist. A really nice fellow named Joey played bass guitar on a few songs and did a really good job. Jerred Lowe played the extremely tasty guitar solo in "So What Do You Say?". Enjoy.