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Debut EP from eli. entitled "Legacy".

Dedicated to Enrique "Professor" Gutierrez

Thank You.........

GOD (my creator), JESUS (my Lord and Savior), HOLY SPIRIT (my ghost writer), my 3 beautiful children: Elijah, Adrian & Lauren, my wonderful and incredible wife-Crystal, Mom (thank you for believing in me and always loving me wherever I am in life), Dad (my role model and motivational pusher), Brothers: [Kevin (my voice of reason), Jason (my reason to have a voice lol), Rob (my partner in crime)], Kamikaze Revy- for being an incredible friend, music partner and helping actually realize the project!!! Eric (you the man my G!!), Jacob, Jenesis, Richie- love you guys IMMENSELY! Chip Flores (for being an incredible friend, supporter, producer and sobering voice through this entire journey) My House of MC bros: Jabo (we need to get back to work together my brother), Jafet (your growth has been amazing to witness), J. Apostle & A-Flo [you guys inspire me daily], Crown (and the ENTIRE Relentless Music Family) for your incredible attributions to the culture and love for the body- you guys are like a family to me no matter what distance is in between us, Joey Waters (and the WHOLE Real And Raw Entertainment Crew) you guys are next up to dominate the game! KennyMackForever (you are THE TRUTH my guy!), My entire family (extended or immediate), Jed "8th Wonder" Taylor (thank you for taking part in the project), Pastor Ian Taylor (for your unconditional love and mentorship), Pastor Johnny (for your extremely encouraging words, genuine love and being the pastor my family truly needed), my ENTIRE River Of Life Christian Center Church family (you all rock- collectively and individually), Jacob Gay (you have an immense calling bro-can’t wait to see you maximize your potential), Pastor Joon and Driven Church, the ever incredible Pastor Tommy aka Urban D and Crossover Church (THANK YOU so much for the love and support), Steve Allen aka Pen and the entire NBG movement (you inspire me homie), The City of Tampa & Virginia Beach!, Hyatt Vacation Ownership employees, Facebook friends, every independent artist & everyone that has held me down on soundcloud and noisetrade! Anyone I may have forgotten please blame my mind and not my heart! Love you all… GOD bless!