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The title, "Will/Won't", comes from the word Timshel, meaning "thou mayest." Originally from the story of Cain and Abel, and heavily referenced by John Steinbeck in his novel "East of Eden, Timshel is the ability for anyone to overcome conflict in the form of choice. (It is not "you will" or "you will not". It is "you may".) This sentiment is embedded deeply into each song on "Will/Won't" in the form of characters, titles and a grandiose orchestration attempting to bring out the struggle in the music.

Special thanks to Trevor Richardson for spending so many days with us in a hot attic and for being the most patient person ever. More thanks to Chad Wahlbrink for mastering, Kevin Rooney for stepping in on drums, Palmer Durham for bringing coffee, all the musicians involved, and to everyone for giving their support, time and feedback to make this record a possibility.