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Eagle Eyez (WATCH) is from Charlotte,NC and God gave him the gift of music creation and by the Holy Spirit of God, he uses the art of rap to express his relationship with God and testimony of life. He truly believes that it is not about him but about the gospel of Jesus Christ who is the only one that can save a soul. Eagle Eyez (WATCH) born Walter L. Davis submitted his life to the Lord in September of 2006, became fully converted and filled with the Holy Ghost in march of 2009. As His life changed His music did and still is. From out of this world beats to prophetic and anointed lyrics, His art is truly one of a kind. Not only is his music great but he offers it free of charge. He believes that if God gave His Life free through Jesus Christ. Then his music professing his faith and life in Christ should be free as well to all who are drawn to listen. This guy is a truly genuine God fearing man with a troubled past. Whatever you can thank of he probably did it. Pressing forward to his unique purpose he longs to share the journey through the everyday trials of life to the young and old a like. Hoping that as the night comes the sun is rising on someones life. So allow this brother to minister to your heart and if you hear or see any error pray for him, for this is a process. Thank you and may God continue to Bless you.