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This song just tumbled out the week of the Philando Castile and Dallas Police shootings. It's not on my record and by all recommendations I shouldn't be promoting it right now. With all that's going on in the political circus, and the trouble brewing daily in our city streets, I feel we need timely songs to reflect our experience. Our Lives at Stake is a reflection on what happens when you only rely on the media spin for your news, and only rely on Washington, D.C. politics to be the agents of change.

Looking out at the world through such a limited point of view,such as the one you'd see on your television news, you'd be scared of your neighbor and they would be scared, too; always ready to fight anybody who looks different than you.

We've seen this before: the world at warfrom your own front lawn to the capital floor. You can legislate change, but our hearts stay the same. How many lives must we lose before we believe that it's our lives at stake?

We've waited so long for the world to change; rallied around politicians who have made it their campaign but who we put in The White House don't make a difference at my house if my neighbors and I choose an eye for an eye over peace.