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Born out of the infamous Chemical Valley of West "By God" Virginia, Dread Utopia was formed in 2015. Dread Utopia can best be described as a sonic roller coaster of heavy, groovin’ riffs with razor sharp lyrics delivered from the tips of silver tongues and a tank battalion for a rhythm section.

Dread Utopia’s approach to writing music can be described by a quote from Thomas Edison: "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." The music created by Dread Utopia is driven by the sole purpose to create something special that they can call proud and provide the listeners with music they can call their own.

Fresh off of signing with From The Depths Entertainment, Dread Utopia is looking forward to taking their next leap in their musical endeavors.

Dread utopia is just four dudes who love to play heavy music and try not to take themselves too seriously.