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“big songs with a very personal feel!”

- John Reuben, Gotee Recording Artist

A modern expression of passion and energy, blending wonderful melodic textures …with powerful themes….”

- Will McGinness of Audio Adrenaline and Flicker Records

'This 6-song E.P. is modern rock that has potential for the years to come are only giving me more appetite for a full-length album'

- Cor Jan Kat of

The title and subject matter for this record came from some pretty personal and tumultuous times. My closest friend from high-school had taken his own life, my grandfather had just passed, another friend was fighting brain cancer, and eventually lost the battle. I watched as the coffeehouse that had been instrumental in my life and that provided a home away from home for so many street kids closed its doors for lack of funding. Also, I had recently come out of a record deal with Provident where they had shelved the band because they didn't want other labels working with us. To be fair to them, I was still living in Montana, and the other labels that wanted to work with us were bankrupt shortly thereafter. But it was a wake up call to the way of the industry. I was beginning to see a tangible darkness waiting at the edge of the light. In a sense this was me "in the middle" of coming of age.

We recorded these 6 songs on two separate days off in Nashville, TN in 2007. Most of these songs I wrote in the basement of my run down house that I was renting at the time in Northwest Montana. It was known to be a meth house before I moved in, so the basement was stained and quite scary. I would close my eyes and just pretend I was somewhere else. That basement served as HQ for a couple of years as we toured and rehearsed.

I was touring with the band name Three Minutes From Home at the time. My brother and my now brother in-law made up the band. We were on tour with YWAM in Wisconsin. We had a couple days off so we drove through the night to track in Nashville. We broke down in Kentucky and lost a trailer tire on the way back, but it was worth it.

Aaron Sternke was working with Steve Bishir and Brown Bannister at the time so we were able to use Steve studio, just a block or two away from Music Row, for cheap. It was a weekend and they had nothing booked. Steve actually came in and set up drum mic's and room mic's for us in the morning.

Even though I had released 5 albums before this one, this was my first experience with great recording gear. Aaron knocked it out of the park. And despite the darker themes and painful inspiration, it was a great experience that produced some of my favorite recordings and memories.

Dedicated to the life and memory of Shawn Pettersen.