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Doves & Wolves self-titled EP is a window into the world of feeling exposed, vulnerable, and insecure. Some felt and some fictionalized, these songs came from a place of reset and wanting to reconcile the past. “It’s a weird thing to meditate on what’s ailing you and then record it for everyone to hear," says vocalists/guitarist Adam Anglin about this EP.

The album is Adam’s first recording in almost 4 years and finds him in a much different place in life from his previous band. He’s married, owns a home, works for a church, and welcomed his first child into the world in the summer of 2013. “I want this project to reflect where I’m at now. In my previous project (Brothers O’Hair) it was always about creating fictionalized characters, stories, plot lines, etc. that moved people and made my own struggles invisible. I want to be ok with being a mess, having daddy issues, or feeling like no one likes you. I think that’s pretty normal.” These songs are about doubt and self-deception. Feeling known but only from a distance and wanting to run from all relationships. But they're also about commitment to your loved ones and redemption in the midst of uncertain times. “We wanted to make songs that stuck with people and resonated with where people go in their minds when no one is around. That quiet space when you’re feeling really insecure and vulnerable."