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Doves & Wolves started as a writing project between friends in the spring of 2013. Adam Anglin, who works for a local church as a music director, started collaborating with Dustin Peterson (drums), Ryan Day (guitar) and Micah Schmiedeskamp (bass). All of whom he had played music with in various projects since 2010. With backgrounds in metal, experimental post-rock, jazz, blues, folk, and country trying to land on a solidified musical direction became a process of exploration that lasted for almost 2 years. Adam played in Denver band, Brothers O’Hair, from 2009-2011 and took some time off to focus his creative efforts on the local church before writing songs for this, his latest project. They added their final member, Shawn Sandler formerly of The Denver Gentlemen, in the fall of 2014 as they headed into a studio to record their first EP. Working with some friends at a secluded studio in Evergreen, CO they started etching out the songs that would become their debut recording.

2016 - Dustin and Micah stepped away from the project to focus on other creative endeavors and Jesse Cowan joined the band on drums.