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It's a perfect combination of tasty old blues women songs, bluesy classics performed with ultimate cool, a selection of distinctive, horn-laden jazz riffs with a woman who can really tell a story. Donna Greene has the range of Eva Cassidy, the grit of Etta James and the sly phrasing of Billie Holiday.

“This is an absolutely perfect example of how to sing the blues; beautiful, exquisite, brilliant, wonderful, sublime, sophisticated… sorry, running out of words.” Peter Merrett, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne, Australia

“Great bluesy voice… Jeannie Cheatham, look out!” Tommy Saville, BBC Radio Nottingham

“Donna Greene’s blues are dry martini blues. She sings with a lotta swagger, a dash of sauce and a cool retro vibe. She’d have been right at home on stage at the Sands of the Rat Pack days or Ciro’s on Sunset Boulevard circa 1948. But, it's 60 years later and Donna’s attitude and energy is totally 21st century. She gives ya masterful singing that’s sensual, emotive, and fun. “A Girl’s Gotta Have A Little Pleasure” is a winner! It’s a superbly-produced treasure highlighting Donna’s pristine singing with the style and punch of The Roadhouse Daddies!” Nick Gerard, Host of “Nothin’ But the Blues” on KKJZ 88.1 FM Los Angeles and