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Bérose is a duet at the top of modern Caribbean music. An outstanding example of cross-cultural music, wonderfully illustrating the many influences which have taken part in the history of the Caribbean. With this first album Parcours, Sonia Pinel-Féréol, as the lead singer and Dominique Bérose on the keyboards, finally leave their mark on the music they’ve been serving for years. From Mazurka to Gwoka, from Biguine to Chouval Bwa and Jazz, this album is a pure music lesson, which takes us on a journey with some real talents such as Ralph Thamar, Luther François, Dominique Bougrainville, Jean-Marc Albicy, Frédéric Caracas, Beethova Obas.... There is no smugness, no easy way on this album. Dominique’s compositions and arrangements are strong and rich giving the album a powerful sense of authenticity. Not mentioning the great pleasure of listening to Sonia’s voice, as a lead, rather than as a chorist for Kassav or Malavoi for instance. We discover her great talent in some pieces made for her, where she very well mixes Caribbean tradition and creativity. In short, « Parcours » is about to become a land mark of Caribbean fusion thanks to Sonia’s and Dominique’s unique creativity.

The full 13 tracks long album is also available from our BandCamp store, along with the physical CD.