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Selah the Corner - Born in Yonkers, NY, on February 19, 1985, Nathanial Martinez, AKA Selah The Corner, knew early on that music was destined to play a major part in his life. As a boy, he played the piano – working hard to emulate the sounds of masters such as Mozart and Beethoven. By 1996, when he was just 11 years old, he discovered what most inner city kids were discovering at that time – Hip Hop. The affect, for him, was life changing. A true lyricist by nature, he gravitated towards artists like Big L, and of course, Biggie Smalls. By aged 15, Selah was writing his own poetry – finding inspiration in the mundane and depressing streets of his hometown – Yonkers. Although a preacher’s kid, Selah spent most of his adolescent years struggling to find his own identity as a Christian – and at times – refusing to follow the path that he knew was paved out before him. But, like many of us, he couldn’t run for long. By the time he was 19, he was preparing for life at Stonybrook University in Long Island, and, he had re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ. This time, his commitment was real. With a renewed relationship and a brand new prospective – Selah recorded his first song, “Enough of You” in 2005 – a remix to Junior Mafia’s smash hit “Crush on You”. In his words, “I wanted to make something an unbeliever couldn’t front on.” In the years that followed, he split his time between writing and recording rhymes, and working full time at a residential facility for children with behavioral health issues. Then, in 2010, he was introduced to New Jersey’s very own, DJ YNot?. Soon after their meeting, they began talks of a collaboration project – and in early 2012, they released what would later become the Kingdom Choice Awards mixtape of the year, We Own The Night. “My goal has always been to give my listeners a high level balance of lyricism and ministry.”