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DJ Psalm 51 had no idea what he was getting into his freshman year of college, when he decided to become a “Christian DJ” September of 2006. It all started when he first shifted his life to follow Christ. After growing in his worship & genuinely seeking God, there was an old spark that reignited his pursuit of becoming a DJ. With no prior experience, the young DJ continued to dedicate himself in learning the art of DJing. He recollects that there were not many musical selections to choose from. Being a DJ, this was a must. What proved to be a struggle at first soon dissipated with time. Yet, for those who knew his passion it was no surprise to see him persist, using his talents for ministry purposes. Amidst the experiences, DJ Psalm 51 remains humbled throughout his growth over the years as a DJ. Many would state that DJ Psalm 51 has yet to scratch the surface with a dynamic and unstoppable artistic potential in the future to come.