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I was saved I was a DJ for 18 years and enjoyed drinking and drugs on a regular basis. However, God had another plan for my life. Keep reading because I believe that even if you don’t know already, God has better plans for your life too!

In 1999 I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ that would change my life forever. I accepted Him into my heart and gave my life to Him and He gave me a brand new one in return.

As a DJ in the world I tasted all there was to satisfy my fleshly desires. My favorite past time was going to the local record store. I spent a lot of time and a lot more money there than I should have. But I loved music, and not just any music, Hip-Hop music. When I was saved I threw myself into gospel music. It was good but something was missing. I then had the opportunity to hear Christian Hip-Hop and I was blown away by what God was doing in the undercurrent of a form of music that I had only known to be filled with sex, drugs and violence.

My wife and I immediately began to pray about this music. We were so certain that there were many people who didn’t know about the form of this music that glorified God. We then asked God to use us to get the word out. Our desire was to be a blessing to the movement of Gospel Hip Hop and to the artists who were called to be a part of it.

Our God who is able to do exceeding and abundantly more than we could think or ask responded in an awesome way, and so, the journey began. When I originally accepted the call from the Lord to receive salvation, I worked at a local meat packing plant and my wife was a manager for a local retailer. Within a year following our prayer to serve God through Gospel Hip Hop, God woke me up one morning and said “Leave your job and follow me and I’ll take care of you.” Of course I was afraid, but after 2 weeks I finally left my job to follow Jesus. I had no idea that He would begin to train us in radio broadcasting.

Seven months after we were both unemployed and searching for what God wanted us to do next. A friend of ours called us and asked if we would be willing to take her to a local gospel station to pick up some prizes she had won. Believing that God was sending us there, we gathered some gospel mixtapes, which I had made over several months, and prepared to share our testimony at the station. On the way to the station we asked God to give us favor first with Him and then with man.

After we shared our testimony, the station manager offered me a job on the spot as a production assistant. Though I was excited I still asked for some time to pray about it. God of course released me into my destiny. My wife was so happy for me that she attended my first day of orientation & training. While she was there God allowed my wife to see as well as hear that the business manager was shorthanded. My wife then volunteered to help out in the office a few days a week. The station did not pass up the free labor so we both started the journey together on the following Monday.

As I mentioned before, we had no background in radio. What I failed to mention was that I was computer illiterate. The station manager himself couldn’t seem to show me how to operate the completely computerized system that ran the station. I was devastated. I left with headaches for almost a week. Of course I felt like asking God, why did you let this happen? It didn’t end there. At the time the station manager hired me, he told me of his plans to train me to take over so he could go on an important business trip. However his plans were failing miserably. I just didn’t get it. He immediately began to interview and hire people to replace me. The strangest thing was, he would ask me to train them to do the very thing I couldn’t do.

I cried out to the Lord and He answered. I didn’t know then what it was called but today I know that by His Spirit he gave me a word of wisdom on how to operate the entire studio. God told me “I will teach you,” He then proceeded to show me, using my deejay equipment, how to equate each part and function to the parts and functions of the equipment in the radio studio. So I left one night not knowing how to do anything and returned the next morning well informed. The station manager was shocked, to say the least. On top of that he thought I had been lying to him about my capabilities

My wife on the other hand was blessed from the start. God graced her with favor with the business manager and with the ability to do tasks with which she was unfamiliar. So much so, that after the completion of her first day as a volunteer, the business manager offered her a full time job as an assistant and later promoted her to office manager.

I’ve shared all of this with you to say that the live mix show is a result of giving my life to Jesus and His giving me a new one in return. God is not a respecter of persons; He is not partial. It doesn’t matter where you began or where you are today; He can change your life, if you let Him. You can begin to walk in the better plans God has for you today.May God stir up the measure of faith in you today to walk in your destiny.

My wife Renee is now with the Lord, she died April 8, 2009 of cancer. She played a very important part in my life. Without her prayers, love, sacrifices and standing by my side being a wonderful help-mate, a great wife, a lot of things would not have happened. Before she died the last words she said to me were: "YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING "So I am here to say ( I WILL) with the the help of the Lord. So be on the look out for that STRAIGHT MINISTRY HEAT!!!!

My Career

Dj I Rock Jesus was the first dj on the Steel roots TV program called “Mixx Master Lounge” which is seen weekly on INSP, The Inspirational Network.Dj I Rock Jesus Was a featured DJ at The Holy Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, GA in January 2010,And he was honor at the 2011 holy hip hop awards .He has also won the kingdom Choice Awards DJ of the year in 2013.DJ I Rock Jesus was nominated for the mix tape DJ of the year along side DJ Drama, Funk master Fles,Kid Capri,DJ Scream at the IDJ Awards in 2012.2013 . .DJ I Rock Jesus provides remixes and mixes for the Donnie McClurklin show.DJ I Rock Jesus is best known around the world for his “mixed tapes “that can be downloaded from Datpiff, Noise trade,

allmixtapelinks, I Rock Jesus mix tapes can also be found on I Rock Jesus has been interview in many magazines worldwide. He is also the only Christian dj in 4 dj crews that is well known heavy in the industry .DJ I Rock Jesus is Sean Slaughter’s Personal DJ. He has also travel around the world.

DJ I Rock Jesus has Dj for artist in the likes of (Da.Truth, Flame, Thi’sl, Canon,Sean Slaughter Humle Tip ,Ambassador ,Corey Red ,D-Maub ,Sean Simmons ,Lisa McCleadon , Michelle Bonilla ,Gospel Gangstz ,R-Swift ,Slave, T.Haddy ,Japhia Life ,Gauge to name just a few.

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