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My name is Cody Campbell. I am Scottish and Irish. I am learning bagpipes and I make techno. I am not a professional DJ or mix-master. A friend gave me that name for when I DJ at a local youth center on Friday nights and the name just kinda...stuck.

You should know about me is that I am a die-hard follower of Jesus Christ and I do not like to shove it down peoples throats.

I started listening to my parents 80's techno and house music when I was a kid and I have been hooked ever since. I make music to whatever style I am feeling that day. Along with my techno I am also learning bagpipes. I love all different kinds of music and one of my favorite bands is Flatfoot 56. They genre is Christian-Celtic-Punk-Rock. Check them out.

As I said I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I do not shove it down peoples throats but if anyone is interested in my story or wants to know about Jesus then I will gladly share what I know.