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This is a new cd by Dismembered September and it's a huge change for the band, ditching all of the thrash influences from previous cd's and replacing them with Mideival Black Metal touches instead. We split up as a band, and thus I did this as a solo project.. Its a concept album based on the Heretic, Hexen and Hexen 2 video game stories, done in a very mideival music styled way, very in the vain of the music the band Summoning does. But unlike summoning, this sounds a lot darker, while keeping that mideival feel with the mideival percussion such as kettle drums and such in the sound. The music side of things (everything but percussion) is very Rancid Abomination influenced, using melodies that band (my old black metal band) pioneered.. So Think of this cd as a mix of Summoning and Rancid Abomination... There are some slight but not obvious folk metal elements in some songs as well, especially the closer but they are so slight you might not even notice them... And they are all done on trumpet but have unusual folk influenced (but not maybe true folk) melodies.