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I'm excited to finally release this project. On March 25th 2016 my new album, Disciple (D.I.):The Best Policy OFFICIALLY releases. This album is intended to bring Jesus glory through Christ Centered Hip-Hop music. However, the theme of the album is a little different that my past projects. On this album I focused on transparency along with giving God glory. There are songs on this project that will give you a glimpse of the things in my own life that I currently struggle with, but am still trusting Jesus with. The goal is to display Jesus being faithful even in the areas of my life that I don't like, while still delivering that Gospel Centered music that I've been blessed to create for such a long time. What you don't know about this album is that it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! I will share the link on the event page at midnight on March 25th. Although there is no set price for the album, donations are definitely appreciated. It'll allow me to keep making that Jesus music!!! I pray that as many of you as possible download the album and let it bless you (I held NOTHING back!!!) March 25th 2016 it goes down. That Jesus Movement!!!! The Best Policy!!!