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When You Lose Someone is a song, simply put, that is for my dad.

There are many moments as a song writer that I wonder if I'm making an impact with my songs or not. With this one, I don't care. You see, I wrote this song shortly after my dad lost a brother of his a few months ago. I struggled with releasing this song because of the personal relationship that I have with it, I wrote it thinking about what I would say if I lost my brothers or my sister, and it's some of my most honest writing yet, and this scared me. Until this past Thursday. My dad texted us and told us that another of his brother of his had passed.

I don't know that there are any good words to say in a moment of grieving, that being there is enough. This is my way of being there for my dad, and his family.

The weight of this song is much heavier than what I normally write, and difficult to release to the public, but I am convinced that this song is much bigger than me.

For my family -

Cheers to Lenny and Suresh Balram.