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Talk Less. Listen More.

While recording my first album, I was taught to, "trim the fat," on my songs. The toughest part of that was thinking that I had so much to say when, I didn't.

I am full of talk, which usually leads me to being full of it.

I've got this idea. One where it involves me releasing more material more often. So. That's what I plan on doing. It is my aim to be good. It's my aim to say more with less fillers.

I could release a song once a month, and that's the goal honestly. But these songs are my craft, they're me, and if that is the truth, then these songs deserve my blood, my sweat, and my tears. It's taken me quite sometime to learn that where I'm at, that why people ask me if I'm still doing music, is all my own doing. It's taken all this time to learn that, I'm only going to get where I want to be by getting up and getting there. That being good is my definition of success.

Me, you, and these songs deserve that from me.

Talk Less, Listen More.

With all of that being said, it is my pleasure to release my new song, "Look At Me," I hope you enjoy it.