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Devin Balram has been playing and writing music for the last 17 years, thus his new collection of home-brewed tunes are no surprise. Keeping a dedication to excellence, he practiced hours on end as a growing musician. The singer-songwriter struggled some, however, to find his true musical identity in the early years but several main shifts seem to have directed him back to himself in an all-new "cleansing breath" sort of way. Working in various occupations and endeavors through the years, Devin now moonlights as a photographer which helps him retain a focus on the telling of genuine human stories.

This coupled with the wounds big and small of a life fully and bravely lived (even still), motivate Devin to process his own stories well and retell them in song in such a way that moves people toward healing. And lastly, Devin has found an excellently paired teamship in producer Thomas Doeve and fellow singer-songwriter, Holly Maher. Both these new friends appear on his latest album release, Brilliant, and both have stirred in Devin a refined sense of self and renewed vision to tell his unfolding story with clarity and warmth.