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Who is DeScribe? His voice can awaken the soul through song. He has a vibrant, energy-driven and rhythmic vibe. We're talking pulsating and inspiring music stemming? from his personal journey from the darkness into light. Shneur Hasofer, better known by his stage name DeScribe, is an Australian singer-songwriter. His music combines elements of Pop, Dance, and Reggae. Born in Sydney, DeScribe left home for Israel at the age of 14. He then joined the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), where he was trained as a sharp shooter and served three years with the IDF before immersing himself in the music culture. DeScribe views music as a medium to awaken the human soul. In Aug 2012, DeScribe was featured in internationally renown award winning documentary for The Arts of Brooklyn Film Festival. On Nov, 13th 2012 in honor of World Kindness Day, DeScribe released his debut single, "We R 1," that's already making waves across the globe.