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After releasing two pop-rock albums, Derrick McKee's brother forced him to attend Jamboree In The Hills (better known as the Super Bowl of Country Music) to see Brad Paisley and a handful of other country artists. The next morning, McKee drank a Gatorade, popped a couple Tylenols, bought more tickets, beer and a cowboy hat, and went back for more. When it was all said and done, the four-day festival ended up sparking an interest in McKee. He went home, downloaded everything he could from the contemporary country artists that played that weekend, and got to listening. Soon he went from listening to studying, and eventually to writing... and writing... and writing. By the end of the summer, McKee had penned close to 30 country songs - a first for him. After playing many of them for friends and family, he picked the ones with the best reception, booked the studio, and informed his long-time friend and producer, Rick Witkowski, that he intended to switch genres. "Everyone was excited, but skeptical," said McKee. "I remember sitting in my room trying to learn songs that were on the charts that summer. I remember my brother saying, 'I dunno man, it doesn't sound right'. But I kept at it, and then one day he walked in and said, 'That sounds awesome!' I really had to learn a new style of singing and playing. But it's a fun style, and it was inspiring. To me, that's all that matters." A few months after hitting the studio, McKee released "Drive Until Daylight", a ten-song LP that seeks to infuse traditional elements of the genre's past - fiddles, mandolins, banjos, twangy guitars - with contemporary pieces of the genre's present - pop/rock-style hooks, wit, humor, and - above all - a great story. "I love all types of music. From Third Eye Blind to Billy Joel to Toby Keith to Foo Fighters. The beautiful part of being an independent artist is you don't have to limit yourself to one genre anymore. You can start working on a project that is 180 degrees opposite of your last one, and put it out there without a lot of risk. The only thing that matters is that it's genuine. This album; these songs... they reflect exactly who I was, what I listened to, and what I wanted to do when I wrote 'em. I just can't wait to see what's next."