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Over the last decade, Derek Webb has written three songs all entitled 'Lover.' The first was on Derek's debut album, 'She Must & Shall Go Free,' the second on the follow-up to his first album ('I See Things Upside Down'), and the third on his upcoming new album, 'I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You.'

Presented here together for the very first (and for a limited) time, you can finally experience the EP that has been over 10 years in the making.

In Derek's words:

"i didn't realized until after i had written and recorded 'lover part 3' for the new album that each one of these songs represents one member of the trinity. 'lover,' from my first album, was clearly about jesus, important moments of his story and life. 'lover part 2,' from my second album, was very abstract & mysterious, heavier on the poetic side for me, and remained a bit of a mystery even to me until i wrote 'lover part 3' for the new album. and that's when i realized the heavy connection of 'lover part 2' to the spirit. that's what it clearly represents to me.

and at that same moment i was realizing that 'lover part 3' is clearly about the father. so i unintentionally wrote three songs about the three members of the trinity, all called 'lover' over 10 years.

and just realized it a few weeks ago."