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This live collection was recorded at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit, Michigan on November 8, 2012. It's our very best work to date, with sizzling leads from Jake Burdock, blistering bass from Kenny Szymanski, and relentless grooves from Leland McCann (with Tom and Bob doing what they always do best). Add to that some soaring lap steel from Nick Klaver and jaw-dropping piano from Ian Tadaschi-Moore and you have one exciting, well-paced concert experience (you'll just have to add your own applause because we cut all that stuff out).

You'll hear the old school blues we're known for, some fresh heartland Americana, and some incredibly funky rock that will make you want to move SOME part of your body (head, hips, feet - take your pick). And the lyrics are our strongest offering yet, dealing with the vicissitudes of life (yes, I said "vicissitudes" - it means the "ups and downs", i.e., the "seasons") and the lessons learned in the aftermath.

The song order carefully flows one to another as do the themes (but we'll let you figure that out by listening). The interplay of the instruments sounds great in headphones. This is one well-constructed album that just so happens to be recorded in a live setting (where we really shine).

ALSO AVAILABLE: We have published a book in both paperback and Kindle formats called "The Seasons & The Scars Companion" - it's a "behind the music" collection of stories, essays, and thought-provoking questions based on the 12 songs on this album. It is available at Amazon - click here: