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"you don't need a dictionary to listen to this" is an instrumental EP from Midwestern singer/songwriter Davis John Patton. The EP brings together a handful of unreleased tracks with varying backgrounds and inspiration.

The first three tracks (None, i, and ii) are part of an old project originally entitled "fresh earth." The unfinished work started with the intention of writing a song based on each day of the Creation story as told in the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis. "None" covers the first two verses of Genesis before anything was created; "i" covers the first day, verses three through five; and "ii" scores day two, verses six through eight. The "fresh earth" project is (and may always be) unfinished, but thankfully the almighty God of the universe completed more than day two and was able to create this indescribable, unknowable universe that we live in.

The fourth track (Lapse) started out as more of an experiment than a song. The ticking clock heard throughout the piece was simply a challenging base to build a song around and was never intended to result in a melodic, finished song. But it did.

The fifth track (High Altitude (Instrumental)) is purely an instrumental version of the High Altitude single released in June of 2017. You can hear the full, lyrical track by Davis John Patton on NoiseTrade, Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere else.