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Davis Naish is from Nashville, TN. Born into a family of a producer, he found himself immersed in the music industry before he knew what it was. At 16, he began putting words to music. The first song was "A Place" which was written while listening to a classical piece which he cannot recall. It was then that he found how mesmerizing the process of writing music was. As Davis grew older, he found himself pulled in many different directions. He grew up playing sports and found in college that he could coach them as well. Coming from a family in the music industry, he developed a theory that a steady paycheck was more important than living his dream. Through years of battling the pull of music and sports, he found that life is not meant to live scared or worried. Life is meant to achieve greatness. Davis Naish still lives in Nashville, TN and works out of Roc-Sox studio in Franklin, TN.