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I am the Lead Singer for the band Kill Ritual based out of the San Francisco Bay area. This is Kill Ritual's 3rd album. Former members of Imagika, Dark Angel, Dragonforce, Rage of Angels. We wrote this album and signed with Scarlet Records out of Italy. The album has been fully funded by ourselves with generous help from our friend Andy LaRocque, Guitarist, from King Diamond.

Karma Machine is a new approach for the band who's roots were thrash going back to the Imagika days to where we are now as a Progressive Metal band.

We are looking for investors for touring at the moment. As most touring artists know, buying onto a tour can run a pretty penny. We will have to have more Merchandise to offer as well as CD's while on tour. Like I mentioned, buying on to tour can be expensive, running anywhere from $25,000 upwards to the $100's of Thousands depending on who you get on tour with.

We hope to speak to you more about us. I've included 4 songs off of the new album for you to listen to.


David Reed Watson