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COBRA PUMPS SOLO is one-man exploration of three songs from COBRA PUMPS, David's first full-length release in seven years, paired with their studio versions. Hailed as "An incredible collection of pop songs as only he can write them" (BBC Scotland), COBRA PUMPS is David's most upbeat and joyful collection of music to date, driven by invigorating electric guitar performances and a blistering rhythm section. COBRA PUMPS SOLO, available exclusively on Noisetrade, flips the script on three of the songs from COBRA PUMPS, whittling them down to their core essentials of voice and electric guitar, exposing a different kind of beauty in each tune.By signing up to get COBRA PUMPS SOLO you will also become a part of David's unique release of COBRA PUMPS, an email campaign that takes you on a daily journey through his experiences creating the album. You will receive a song from COBRA PUMPS in a hi-res WAV file and 320 kbps MP3 each day, along with even more unique content such as demos, songs that didn't make the album, videos and more- all for FREE. From one of the CP emails: "When it came time to figure how to release COBRA PUMPS, I needed money and, out of habit, approached some different music business people for help. After a few slightly bizarre meetings in which algorithmically-induced metrics and social media compliance were discussed with a ferocity once reserved for killer hooks and Led Zeppelin, I deduced that I simply don't fit into the industry anymore, if I ever did. It now requires very different skill sets than the ones I have spent my life attempting to master. And that is OK with me- because I have You. The only thing I care about at this point is that this music reaches people like you, who, like me, are still on the hunt for that spiritual rush of existence that comes from hearing the right song at the right time."