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David G is the Executive Producer / Manger and Lead Artist in Purpose Music Label launched in September 2010.

He Started His First Instrument (drums) at the age of 7 years old. His dad wasn't able to provide drums, So David G learned on buckets and pans. His passion and love for music only Grew more each year.

He Learned more and more Instruments - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Electronic keys, Writing structure of songs and more! Not knowing the talent he was Growing. All he knew was his love for music. Going Through Struggle Day After Day, after having to move out of his parents home at the age of 16 Being Homeless Awhile And Hungry, coming up from the bottom, Making Impossible - Possible! OverComing every obstacle. All the struggle Never made him want to give up his dream of being a musician, It only made him strive for success! Also through all he went through it inspired him to write inspirational lyrics through his songs with purpose and passion. He Got so good with music he decided to go to college. Through hard work he was accepted into Musicians Institute In Hollywood CA.

It was there he found what he was ment to do in his lifetime. Purpose Music was launched right after he finished college in 2010. He recorded His first Album at the college, and got it Mastered by Universal! This was Purpose Music's First release. He continued to get inspired by releasing new music so he released "Voices Of A New Age" in 2012, Then he wen't through hard struggles in his life with divorce and fights with family over financial and insecurity's from all the pain and struggle. He then recorded "Pain Release Of The Raging Sea" E.P. Released April 2013. It was about his journey through the rough seas in the eye of the storm, but also continueing his inspirational Purpose writing songs that not only released pain but also songs of hope that the storm will soon pass like his song "Storm to pass". After this real album full of pain and realness through his journey he began to gain more and more fans worldwide! He Then started to reach out to other Artist's and labels to make collaborations for his new CD being released 2014 "Collabs". He has now made collaborations with Ralph Nirvus, Ballistic, Remixes and and more with Tech N9ne, B.O.B, & Dexter Holland from The Offspring. New Music Videos have been released, & New Merchandise as well. Now just released his newest album "Breath Of Legacy" Ft Prozak from Strange Music, And Kristian Hogan aswell Now on iTunes! This Label Purpose Music is only at the beining of it's Successful Journey! Stay Tuned as big things are on the way! David G Purpose Music would like to thank you for your support and for listening. Purpose Music!!!