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This uniquely inspired piano instrumental collection of favorite Christmas songs was spontaneously arranged by David Baroni, shades of VInce Guaraldi, sure to be a wonderful addition to your Christmas collection- hear these songs again for the first time!

from a listener: "This CD is beautiful, restful, peaceful, and I absolutely love it. I am a Christmas music fan and will play this through out the year just because it is so beautiful. By far, my favorite instrumental Christmas CD."

Christmas is for celebration: friends and family, fresh coffee and pecan pie, the laughter and innocence of children, the warmth of being reminded of the goodness of God Who is the Giver and the Gift! Music is the soundtrack of the celebration: Songs that remind us of joyful yesteryears and fill us with hope for the days ahead. May the Spirit of Peace, Love and Joy that I believe permeates this recording fill your heart and mind as you listen with those you love.