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Dave Tamkin’s new LIVE at eTown captures an honest, solo acoustic performance recorded this year at eTown Hall in Boulder, Colorado. A compilation of songs that tell stories of desire, inspiration, loss, love & addiction. Dave Tamkin’s percussive, heartfelt performance steals you into eTown Hall and produces a feeling as though were standing alongside him on stage.

I opened a show at eTown in Boulder, Colorado this last May. Without a doubt it was one of my best on-stage experiences in years. eTown’s engineers were on point, I was surrounded by friends, my Colorado family and an audience that was truly gracious throughout my set. I left the stage feeling like I had found my home again."

A few weeks later I was told that eTown records the audio to all the shows. I found a few tracks that I’m proud to share with you.

Around this same time I came across some artwork from my friend Jim Olson who lives in Chicago. I loved his digital picture of a girl and her dog, relaxed while traveling wherever the wind carried them over an endless sea. I hope to feel this way with music as I, once again, climb on board the adventurous journey it provides.