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Dann Morr, Chicago songwriter and sideman, released his debut album Shouting Into the Wind on Squirrel Trap Records in September, 2014. Produced by Mike Hagler (OK Go, Wilco, Billy Bragg) and Morr, the 10-track album was recorded in Chicago at Kingsize Sound Labs and is a collection of indie rock gems that deftly incorporates the best parts of his long tenure in the Chicago music scene.

In October, 2015, Dann released The Echo Is All That Remains. This live album was recorded in Chicago in January and February 2015 at The Hideout, Martyrs’, and live on the air at WBEZ. Joining Dann on those recordings are The Dashing Bastard Sideshow (Larry Beers, Tom Slater, Johnny Million, and Chuck King), Kristina Priceman (DICKIE), Lee Ketch (Mooner), and Bill Pekara & Mike Medina (The Gear/Cook County Soul Alliance).

Since the 1990s Dann Morr has been a singer and multi-instrumentalist in folk-rock, indie-rock, and power-pop outfits, as well as bassist and backing vocalist for a number of other Windy City artists. This NoiseTrade Sampler contains two songs from the each album and two new singles from The Dashing Bastard Sideshow, plus tracks from previous projects High Energy Physics, The Carlisles, and Wells-next-the-Sea. This collection of songs show where Dann Morr comes from and where he is going.