From Dani Miche

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Almost four years on from the release of her self-titled debut EP, Orphan No More are delighted to reintroduce Dani to the world with the upcoming release of her sophomore EP “HYHU”(Hold Your Head Up).

Standing out from the crowd of similarity, the powerful voice of Dani Miché is compelling enough to stop anyone in their tracks. In an industry so often focused on an artist creating a ‘sound’, Dani draws you into a gospel, jazz and classically influenced experience.

“The way I write music is not just about the message; I want it to be a visceral experience - (an experience) where the melodies and instrumentation impact the listener, exploring the wonder that is music and how it can impact the deepest places through just one note, a melody or a word.”

Be on the look out for the release of “HYHU” through Orphan No More very soon.