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New York City Dana Fuchs Broken Down Acoustic Sessions Release Date: November 10th 2015 I M BREAKING DOWN, after years of your requests, I am finally self-releasing my first acoustic CD, Broken Down". Some of you have seen the acoustic show over the years and it s YOU who planted this seed. Broken Down is a compilation of stripped down versions of previously released and never before released songs. It started with me and Jon Diamond going through our vast number of demos. A couple of the tunes on Broken Down are the very first demo versions of songs that we created before going into the studio with the band. For instance, Keepsake, So Hard to Move,Baby Loves The Life, Misery, and others were demos of songs for producers and potential studio albums that still haven t seen the light of day. Plus, there is a healthy exploration of me creating new music with some different songwriting partners, such as, Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue), Jack O'Hara and Jon's brother, Pete Diamond. We ice the cake with a cover version of Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City, made famous by Bobby Bland! While this body of material has been in the can I just wanted the time to be right to self-release it. As I was going through the songs I kept staring at a photo of my late father, my late sister Donna, my late brother Don and my late brother Dan. It became so clear to me that this body of work truly represents the span of my music career, which I only seriously began after the suicide of my big sister Donna. The title says it all,Broken Down. It is not only reflective of how the songs are recorded but also speaks to the heartache and perseverance of the last two decades of my music career. A career that thanks to you all, has steadily built over these recent years of touring non-stop and gives me a place to let it all out! The album has been officially dedicated to my late family members and to all of you who celebrate life with me at every show. Thank you all for not only being a part of my story but helping me to create it. Love and Gratitude, Dana Fuchs