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Metta is the compositional debut of Damian Helliwell. A project featuring a stunning group of musicians and music that takes the Scottish idiom to new levels. This extraordinary new music crosses the bridge from the contemporary traditional Scottish genre firmly into the territory of world music. Emotive, passionate, awakening, invigorating, and commanding engagement.Featuring Damian Helliwell on mandolin and tenor banjo, Jenny Hill on double bass, Eilidh Shaw on fiddle,Andy Thorburn on piano and Donald Hay on percussion, the line-up boasts some of the most highly respected musicians working in Scotland today, with each bringing a unique quality of musical integrity, technical mastery and expressive improvisational virtuosity to the music. Helliwell’s compositions take the exciting world of contemporary Scottish music into new ground, based in the traditional genre with inferences from a vivid imagination, dexterously layered in harmony, underpinned with a heavy driving foundation from a powerful backline.