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Well, here I am. Most of you, if anyone reads this, probably already know me personally. Just in case I'll say a word or two, and let you know what I've been up to. I am an independant musician, which to me, means that I sit around and play the guitar, write songs and every once in a while I'll perform, or record something. Despite my love for one take, sometimes crappy recordings, I spent a majority of this last winter recording an album completely on my own in an attempt to create something a bit more complex and beautiful. When I say on my own that's a quite literal statement. this album will reflect hours that I spent alone. I wrote, recorded, re-recorded, and mixed more hours than probably mattered in the end, but it was a time that I would't trade for anything. I also had virtually no audio engineering experience so it was quite an interesting, and experimental process. Music is like a dreamworld to me. Enjoying music is like taking a trip somewhere outside of space and time. Music also has a certain way of documenting certain sentiments, both for the artist and the listener. I had an amazingly wonderful time translating thoughts into songs, and songs into recordings. It is my hope that these songs can take at least one listener to another world, conjure up something from the soul, and ultimately form some sort of connection through music.