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cyberogre was born from the desire to listen to songs that we would like them to exist, but that nobody had made them. Created in 2012, when the first single Epic Song came out, we got good reviews from international blogs. The single is marked by a catchy melody that, in some parts, “remind us of New Order”, according to some reviews. In the half of 2013, the second single, Life Ends, was released. With an unusual form, it caused awkwardness. As a B side we put a reconstruction of Love Will Tear us Apart, by Joy Division, mixed with Trans Europe Express, by Kraftwerk. The track reached the maximum number of downloads on SoundCloud and keeps collecting positive comments.

In 2014 the time has come for the debut album, Routine. The opening song, Circle, is a contagious track that glues easily in the brain. The lyrics talk about our routine, about us being a part of “the machine”. Ant Underwater and the track that gives the album the name Routine, drink on the fountain of synthpop plus distorted guitars and lyrics that talk about being out of tune with the world, about the “ant that likes living underwater”, everyday conversations, different points of view and the dreams we all have. The closing song, Lonely, was inspired by the story of the 52-Hertz whale, that wanders around alone in the Pacific Ocean. She has a genetic mutation that stops her from communicating with other whales. Her singing is transmitted in a frequency that is so high (“I scream higher and higher”) that the other whales can’t hear her, at the same time that she can’t hear the other whales singing (“No one answers me”). The song has an outstanding, “Gallupian” bass line, and it closes the album in a unique way.

The album is entirely DIY, recorded, mixed and mastered in our home studio, from the beginning of 2010 until April, 2014. No detail got out of control, from the first to the last track.

Routine was made carefully for you. So, appreciate it really loud. :)

The album is available for free download.

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