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CW Allen has a deep concern for the pain of others. The Cleveland native knows a thing or two about the hard knocks that life can deliver and he has brought that sensitivity to his new album We On, releasing January 2015.

Concern often manifests in the form of questions when tragedy occurs; questions about why bad things happen and to whom they happen. “In 2012, we witnessed 512 murders,” says CW describing the South Side of Chicago, where he makes his home, on the introduction to We On. “And even though I know that God is working in my city; its still hard to watch. Its like the city is going crazy.” But every track on the album speaks to the abiding faith of the artist that even a world as crazy as this is not without hope.

We On has a contemporary hip-hop sound and takes you straight to CW’s heart. Over tracks that feature live guitars and pianos he speaks with clarity and depth to topics like insecurity, death and love.

“When I began "We On" I had about 7 years of artistry under my belt. In that time, I learned how to perform and think through the details of my music, so my whole approach to making an album was completely different this time around. I really love creating a musical experience for my listeners. "We On", "Playing My Part", and "I'm Ready" speak to my struggles with the music industry and my career thus far. My discomforts with death and social injustices in my community are touched on in "I'm Leaving" and "Crazy". Lastly, I reflect on my internal thoughts in "Live It" "I'm Ready" and "LFAL".

LFAL (Love for a Lifetime), tells the up and down story of real love in the real world. “In the first verse I used parts of me and my wife's story to paint the picture of a couple who falls in love and then eventually gets married. In the second verse I share a real-time experience of a couple having a great date night that went wrong. That’s real life! Me and my wife realized that love is not an emotion. Its an action. In marriage, you vow to love each other regardless of the argument, sickness or situations that you face. You fight for love and your commitment like Jesus fights for us. Even when we are ignoring and dissing him Jesus still fights for us, so we fight for each other.”

One person looking out for the welfare of another is how a community is built. It begins in the home and then spirals out to workplaces, neighbors and friends. When CW is not writing or performing his music, he is mentoring and providing leadership to the high school students of the South Side through Young Life and Sunshine Gospel Ministries.

“My hope is that this project will let my listeners know who I am through my stories, and excite them not to give up on life. Often I have found myself being fearful of the opinion of others and of failure, but I know I'm not the only one. We only live once and we can't let the years go by without being who God made us to be. For some that means meeting him and figuring out what that means, and for others it means living up to our potential as believers. Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., and Michael Jordan are people who seized the moment when it was given to them. I want to be a person who is brave enough to do the same. What will we do when we realize the spotlight is on us? When we realize "We On," how will we react? This is the message that CW hopes his new album gives.

CW has performed widely and opened for artists such as Da Truth, Tedashii, Flame, and This’l. He is also a dynamic speaker who has shared his story in many churches and at youth-centered events.