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CURE International heals the sick and proclaims the Kingdom of God. We are the largest provider of reconstructive surgery to disabled children in the emerging world. Since opening the doors of our first surgical teaching hospital in Kijabe, Kenya, in 1998, CURE’s focus on bringing healing to developing nations has resulted in more than 2.1 million patient visits and over 150,000 surgeries to correct physically disabling conditions. CURE has also trained more than 6,600 medical professionals, raising the standard of care in the countries where it operates. Please visit for more information.

CURE U is our program that connects university students with the mission of CURE. You can find CURE U chapters on university campuses from coast to coast. This Spring we're hitting 20 of those schools with "the CURE U Roadtrip" featuring our friends The Vespers.

The CURE U Roadtrip Compilation features songs from The Vespers and all the supporting artists on the tour...including Judah & the Lion, SHEL (*Noisetrade exclusive song), Carolina Story, Votary, The Gray Havens, Lainey Wright and a bonus song from longtime CURE supporter Talain Rayne.